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Professional Representation Through the Probate Process

At the office of Jason Borg & Associates, Inc., we have more than a decade of experience representing men and women throughout the Sacramento area who are going through the probate process. We focus our efforts on protecting our clients’ rights and guiding them through the process quickly and effectively. Contact our estate administration attorneys online or call us at 916-226-4752 (toll-free at 866-237-9454) to set up an initial consultation.

Our Probate Practice

We work closely with men and women who are in charge of administering the estate by probating a will or an estate without a will. These people are known as executors or administrators. Their responsibilities include everything from notifying beneficiaries of the will to distributing the assets. They are also in charge of taking care of any outstanding debts of the decedent. Our lawyers help executors fulfill these responsibilities according to the law.

We also represent beneficiaries of the estate. Our services may be helpful to those who believe they did not get their fair share of the estate, or have other concerns about the executor or administration of the will. We can handle all types of probate disputes, whether they are based on a breach of fiduciary duty claim or a will contest.

Administering a Trust

The probate process is necessary to administer the estate if the decedent had a will or no estate planning document designating his or wishes. However, the probate process is generally avoided if the decedent had a trust. Our office can represent trustees in the trust administration process, helping them to distribute any assets as designated by the terms of the trust without going to court.

To schedule an initial consultation, Contact our estate administration attorneys on line or call us at 916-226-4752 (toll-free at 866-237-9454).  

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